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Secretary's Message

Greetings from secretary,

The going is good, But the good should transform to better and best. The best has to go beyond the best. The indivisual has the capacity to change and to change completely, To change the society and its present being, the primary thing is that we have to change.It is possible only through right kind of education

Among personal skills, we stress on character formation, self-esteem and spiritual development. In interpersonal skills, teamwork, empathy and commitment to society are given prominence, under societal skills, The backbone of personal growth is value system. We identified the core values essential for an indivisual's growth as - Faith in God, Moral Uprightness, Love of Fellow being, Social responsibility, Pursuit of Excellence, right thinking and right attitude. Our institute surely helps an indivisual to Grow to achieve big.

Where there is life, there is hope, where there are hopes, there are dearms where vivid dearms are repeated, they become goals became action plans that winners dwell on in intricate detail, knowing that achievement is almost automatic when the goals becomes an inner commitment.

Come let us change and achieve the goal

"With Best wishes for a bright future"

A. Adil Pasha, B.Sc., B.E.,
Santosh Group Of Institutions, Bangarpet, Kolar

Highlights of SGI

SGI has been producing highly competent professionals with over 32 years in education department. It's the confidence that comes from advanced hands on good experience and dedicated faculties. In the year 2004-05. We have secured 18 distinctions in entire Kolar District with Highest percentage of marks. Our D.Edstudents have been participating in Thaluk level & District level Sports winning the top spot consistently