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Parent's & Guest Testimonials

"Atmosphere is good. Students feel homely. Teaching method is good. Records maintained regarding the child performance is appreciated"

Venkatachala T V(Parents Of XXX)

"I am grateful to all the teachers at SGI for giving my child a good foundation. When he joined this school he was not able to talk and now he has became very smart with regard to reading and writing. From the bottom of my heart, I am very thankful to SGI and their teachers for giving him a good foundation"

Prasanna K S(Parents Of XXX)

"I am happy with my child’s progress in learning. He has learnt to form simple sentences and also able to converse at home. He now has the ability to concentrate and read words, shlokas and even teach them to others at home. Being a very shy and silent child, he has opened up considerably, thanks to his teachers and Management of SGI."

Lakshmipathi N(Parents Of XXX)

"Nice to hear that he has adapted to the school. Hope he will develop with your guidance and support. Thanks."

Praveen Kumar(Parents Of XXX)

"As parents we always try to give the best to our children. For us, the best school is the one where our kids love to go, the school where our children learn inclusiveness, develop their creativity and grow in all aspects (social, mental, emotional) of their lives. SGI is one such school. We are happy to see our kids going to SGI."

Dileep Kumar(Parents Of XXX)