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" Admission opens for D.Ed Courses the Academic year 2020 - 21 "

Welcome To Santosh Group Of Institutions

Santosh Group of Institutions has been producing highly competent professionals for the past 34 years in Education Department

The College is founded by Mr.Abdul Sattar, Who believes education to be the key to development and progress. It is the key to changing lives and world perspectives. This new millennium is characterised by new technology, changing values and different life styles.

Santosh College is situated on Kolar Road, Bangarpet which is a taluk head quarter in Kolar district, Karnataka, and is very close to Bangalore. Santosh College will reflect the changing needs of the 21st century and the unchanging core values of indian society.

   "If Your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more,
do more and become more you are a leader."

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  • Our Vision

    We Believe in the importance of early experiences in shaping the personality of a child. In the field of education we wish to set trends that will lay the foundation towards building future leaders, thinkers, scientists, and good human beings

  • Our Mission

    At SGI we provide a happy and stable envirnoment in which children grow and develop to the best of their ability. there by creating a generation of truly educated, refined and noble citizens, equipped with globally relevent education

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Admission opens for D.Ed Courses the Academic year 2020 - 21

Admission Application are available at our college admin office

We are Celebrated Independence Day

We are Celebrated Republic Day

  • Chairman's Message

    Welcome to the santosh group of institutions, a place where leaders and potential leaders come to learn and to reflect, a center of excellence Education. On behalf of the santosh group of institutions...

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  • Secretary's Messages

    The going is good. Bbut the good should transform to better and best. The best has to go beyond the best. The individual has the capacity to change and to change completely. To change,...

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  • Spirit Of The College

    Oh, god my father, do love me till the end, permit me to love and obey my parents and teacher, help me always choose and do the right; In our work and in our play, god is with us everyday,..

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  • Aim's & Objectives

    The college aims to build complex learning skills in the student and make him responsible for his learning. Building social sensititvity and moral developement is a key area of focus.

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