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School Programs

Every child is a unique creation of God & has been blessed with different potential. The seeds of success lies in the development of basic human characteristics in a child, which defines his / her personality, create a fuller human being.

Our Management is dedicated to the task of framing good education for the students of this institution on a competative international standards.Implementing high standards & value based classes educating, we focus on the allround developement of your child, concerning to the fact that "Every Child is Unique & Special", We make our best to bring out & exhibit to the world, the talents of your child

Our School Philosophy

  • Self discipline, gainful curiosity, mental flexibility and a drive to excel.
  • Attain skills and attitudes that will help them to lead quality life in this rapidly changing and ever competitive world.
  • Satisfy their social, cultural sporting and creative desires.

Eligibility & Age Criteria